Achieving fast Blaze deployment to cloud providers, with Terraform

Blaze uses Terraform to easily create and manage resources on different cloud platforms, like AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure, without manual setup by DevOps and SysOps teams.

Blaze architecture lends itself to flexible, easy deployment. Terraform allows infrastructure to be ‘provisioned as code’, allowing Blaze developers to easily configure and deploy the correct services, like storage, databases, logging, auto-scaling groups, load balancing and CDN within GitHub. Deployment and management of the Blaze application environment is managed within simple, templated configuration files.  No more time-consuming manual setup of each service and the associated risk of human error.

Terraform allows Blaze Devops and Sysops teams to provision Cloud services by describing the required resources, their dependencies and to launch them within code, using GitHub Actions

Configuration standards can be set, policies applied, and scaling defined easily and centrally. Services for management, monitoring, security and testing can also be requested, controlled and versioned. This means that templates can be used to setup, modify and monitor all resources within all versions of the required technology stack.

Reduce risk and time to deploy with 'infrastructure as code'

The benefits are that DevOps and SysOps teams are able to rapidly generate new environments and dispose of them easily. Terraform helps in easing up the difficult task of maintaining different environments in parallel, typically required for development, staging, testing and production environments. The 'on-demand' nature of this means that each environment can be created only when required, which reduces computing costs significantly. Terraform offers powerful automated infrastructure management capabilities, lowering both the potential risk of human errors and costs related to Devops and SysOps dependencies.

Terraform is a powerful tool that offers plenty of benefits for Blaze developers and users, including streamlining project timelines, reducing risk and advancing cost improvement practices across the digital ecosystem. 

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Katleen Richardson, Marketing Director, Kogan Page