Blaze represents best practice for a performant, scalable, next generation ‘Headless' CMS (Content Management System), ecommerce and web application development framework

Empowering web teams to build websites without designers & developers

Blaze is an open-source, 'no code' Content Management System. Blaze enables content, marketing, commercial, subscription and ecommerce teams to build the most sophisticated, transactional websites, without technical know-how, or development teams. Integrations between SaaS platforms in the web ecosystem can also be easily created and managed.

Blaze Page-Builder interfaces allow Blaze users to create, control, manage and measure every facet of the most sophisticated, transactional websites.

Blaze represents best-in-class content management capability, in a new order of CMS systems.

Delivering new, high value functionality for web

Blaze delivers powerful new features and the underlying technology opens up never-before-possible functionality, like page component and device-level content personalisation. This presents new commercial opportunities for Blaze users, with the creation and sharing of the richest first-party user engagement data, new opportunities with micro-targeted advertising, the ability to blend dynamic product data within editorial, or optimise archive content at scale.

The architectural advantages of the Blaze platform and the underlying technologies open up exciting new opportunities over other legacy CMS and ecommerce platforms, for organisations that want to embrace progressive technology and the new web.

Leveraging progressive web technology to improve performance and reduce operational cost

Blaze combines progressive software architecture, the most performant web application tooling, cloud computing, machine leaning and AI tooling to deliver next generation CMS software:

De-coupled, plug-in-based architecture, performant JavaScript frameworks (ReactJS, NextJS, NodeJS), Single Page Application (SPA) front-end, underlying GraphQL API framework, NoSQL data stores, serverless and micro-service cloud computing, continuous delivery, testing and immutable deployment, code quality vulnerability and automated package management, Infrastructure as code setup with Terraform—it’s all there.

Blaze represents a huge leap forward in the CMS landscape, which is dominated by legacy software.

Co-source with the developers, on a leading open-source project

Blaze is licensed as open-source software. This allows Blaze users to work independently of Byte9, who can provide co-sourced development, technical project management or operational support to internal or third-party development teams. Open-source development support provides non-dependent and non-proprietary software development, in an agency model. Byte9 supporting in-house or third-party teams can help reduce operational and resource risk and third-party supplier dependencies, over time.

Help build a better web, with Blaze

There are many functional, technical, value creation, cost-saving and risk reduction reasons to build around the Blaze Framework. Please contact the team at Byte9 to setup a demonstration and start a dialogue.

I cannot highly recommend your work and your team highly enough. Thank-you so much.

Jo Bathurst, Morris Visitor Publications