About Us

Byte9 collaborate with clients, developers, agencies and government to create disruptive, open-source software solutions

Byte9 build and maintain ‘no code’ content management and ecommerce solutions

Byte9 works with clients and web agencies to design and build web applications that meet sophisticated online business needs. We are an experienced team of software developers and system integrators. We specialise in large content-managed media websites with transactional ecommerce and complex business logic. Our focus is on enabling business users to be able to create and manage the digital ecosystem without developer overhead; ‘no code’ solutions. We develop and integrate ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) solutions, where the software runs within web browsers, delivered as cloud services.

Using leading agile software development process and methodologies

Our architects and project managers use established, value-driven, agile, software design and development methodologies. We follow modern ‘de-coupled’ system architectural design principles, delivering microservice-oriented web applications, in serverless cloud environments. Byte9 engineers use progressive, continuous integration, testing and deployment tooling to ensure that we are delivering software incrementally, quickly and at low operational risk and cost to the wider developer and user base.

Progressive tooling, technology and leading global SaaS partnerships

Our engineering teams predominantly use the latest JavaScript tooling, NoSQL data storage and our GraphQL API framework, to ensure systems scale and communicate efficiently within the digital ecosystem. Byte9 is increasingly developing high-value development partnerships with global SaaS and Cloud service providers, in order to provide multi-platform support, for diverse business requirements.

Co-sourced development around leading open-source projects

Byte9 develops and uses open-source software. We have developed infrastructure, tools and methodology to work on ‘co-sourced’ projects with in-house and third-party development teams. We offer on-demand development resource and technical project management support to facilitate development, management and integration, if required.

Blaze, a leading ‘headless’ content and media management framework

Blaze is Byte9’s open-source content management framework. It uses progressive JavaScript tooling and the most performant web technology to deliver next generation site development, content management and marketing, 1st party data creation and analytics for online businesses.

Sphere, using natural language processing to better understand content

Byte9 is engaged in an ongoing research project, Sphere, to deliver a better understanding of web content and to enhance the production and distribution of web content that has better cognitive resonance. Sphere uses topological analysis, machine learning and AI to process large bodies of content and add value to writing, editorial and content distribution processes.

"Byte9 were able to react unbelievably quickly to transition our entire website to Blaze and a far more stable and performance-enabled environment"

Sam Gore, Bear and Bear