About Us

Byte9 collaborate with clients, developers, agencies and government to create disruptive, open-source software solutions

Effortless digital product management

At Byte9, we craft ‘no-code’ platforms for content management and ecommerce, empowering business users to manage their digital presence with minimal developer overhead. Our expertise lies in developing large-scale media websites with robust ecommerce features and intricate business logic.

An agile approach ensuring quality, cost and speed of delivery

We pride ourselves on our agile software development approach. By following contemporary system design principles and focusing on microservice-oriented web applications, we ensure efficient, low-risk and cost-effective software delivery. Our process ensures you get timely updates without any compromise on quality.

Cutting-edge technology for optimal performance

Our engineers harness the latest JavaScript tooling, NoSQL storage, and GraphQL, delivering progressive web applications. Byte9 systems are optimized for performance, scaling and easy integration. Our strategic partnerships with global SaaS and Cloud providers ensure we can deliver leading digital solutions, for diverse business requirements.

Collaborative open-source development

We are committed to open-source technologies. Byte9 collaboratively work with clients and partners on 'co-sourced' projects, offering both in-house and third-party teams’ complete control of development. We provide on-demand development resources and project management support to ensure your project's success, if required.

Blaze: the future of content management

Blaze, our flagship open-source content management framework, employs advanced web technologies to usher in a new era of site development, content management, and data analytics. Blaze enables non-technical users to develop and own sophisticated web development.  Benefit from a platform built for today's online business needs.

Sphere: revolutionizing content understanding

Our Natural Language Processing research initiative, Sphere, aims to redefine how we comprehend web content. By leveraging machine learning, AI, and topological content analysis, Sphere adds unparalleled value to the content creation and distribution process, ensuring content and product resonates better with audiences.

Byte9 will help you to experience the future of content management, content marketing and ecommerce. Please get in touch to discuss how we might be able to help your business.

"Byte9 were able to react unbelievably quickly to transition our entire website to Blaze and a far more stable and performance-enabled environment"

Sam Gore, Bear and Bear