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Kogan Page Blaze a Trail in Publishing with 'Headless' Ecommerce

The book industry needs to  evolve fast online, embracing the challenge brought by Amazon and Audiobooks. With shifting technologies and consumer demands on many devices it has become hard for online retailers to keep up.

Racing ahead of the competition, Kogan Page has recently unveiled its new 'headless' ecommerce website, using Blaze.  Byte9 have delivered a game-changing solution for business book lovers.  A solution that sets the standard amongst legacy technology solutions in the publishing industry

Seamless No-Code Implementation: The Future of Ecommerce

  • Fast and Efficient: Kogan Page's use of Blaze's 'no code' technology means the product team no longer has to wait for months to see website updates. Headless front-end Content Management Systems (CMS) can be overlaid on existing ecommerce back-ends. This ensures fast and low risk site evolution, without developer overhead, or replacement of ecommerce fulfilment systems.
  • Immediate ROI: With quicker deployment times, Blaze users can gain immediate benefits online. Catalogue landing page and associated marketing campaigns can be implemented without web-developer overhead.
  • Empowering Business Users: ‘No code’ empowers ecommerce and marketing professionals to make changes, without developers. This autonomy means fast and cost effective site and marketing campaign development.

Powerful Content Marketing: Driving Targeted Traffic and Conversion

  • Relevant Matched Audiences: With the Blaze data layer, Kogan Page can capture first party-data and create 'matched’ and ‘retargeting’  audiences. Content and advertising is aligned with a bigger audience’s interests. Targeting is managed with social media and ad networks and with  email and notifications. This improves reach and conversion.
  • Seamless Integration with Marketing Automation: Data sharing with SaaS platforms via Blaze plugins powers automated digital marketing campaigns. Readers are always in the loop about new releases, exclusive offers. Conversion is driven by email and display efforts based on buyer and previous site engagement.   Byte9's implementation partnership with MAPP is adding value to Kogan Page's marketing automation.
  • Optimised Social Media Engagement: Rich first-party data enables highly-targeted social media content campaigns. Kogan Page's product promotions resonate across platforms.
  • Optimised Search Rankings: Faster sites deliver improved Core Web Vitals and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The Blaze Single Page Application (SPA) web front-end is lightning fast. Blaze also helps editors optimise product descriptions, content, meta-data and structured data. Enhanced rankings ensure Kogan Page's content and titles gain improved visibility.

A Dynamic, Personalised ‘Single Page’ Experience

  • Fast and Engaging: Single Page Applications (SPAs) ensure that visitors experience fast and seamless interactions with content. With Blaze the content is delivered fast and is rich and related, based on relevance. 
  • Personalised Journeys: Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all, static catalogue ecommerce pages controlled by web developers. Blaze ensures a personalised shopping experience for users. Enhancing content and product engagement with tight content relations increases engagement. A fast and personalised experience improves time-on-site and sales conversion.

Revolutionising Content Management in Ecommerce

  • Rich & Diverse Media: Ecommerce for books has never been so vibrant. With Blaze, Kogan Page can weave in book trailers, author blogs, interviews, FAQs and rich media with product listings.. This provides a multi-dimensional content and shopping experience, further improving engagement.
  • Breaking Free from Catalogue Limitations: Traditional ecommerce tools provide a static product catalogue. Blaze enables business users to curate relevant, engaging multimedia content on all pages.  Editors can manage relationships between product and content using categories and tagging. Multi-faceted search and related,  blended content relationships provide many pathways to product and sales.
  • Integrated Content  Marketing: Gone are the silos between product information and promotional content. Kogan Page has blended ecommerce and content marketing, offering enriched user experiences. Byte9’s integration with Mapp enables powerful cross channel marketing automation in support.

Harnessing the Power of First-Party Data

  • Precision Marketing: With Blaze's data layer, Kogan Page can capture and share rich first-party data.   Content marketing strategies on social media and in advertising networks can be fine tuned.
  • Optimising Engagement: With granular analytics sharing content and product engagement at the page component level, ecommerce managers can optimise site user experience.
  • Redefining Retargeting: Blaze provides insights from rich first-party data.  Kogan Page can now create marketing campaigns using matched audiences. Precision retargeting across platforms and with different media is possible.

Unparalleled Speed and Data Capture with SPAs

  • Every second counts: In an age where page speed is everything the SPA’s instant load times give Kogan Page competitive advantage.
  • Revitalising User Experience: Speed, combined with content personalisation, ensures user engagement.  Engaged users are more likely to buy and to return.

In Summary

Kogan Page's pivot to Blaze's headless ecommerce platform has transformed ecommerce operations.  Site traffic has increased with site conversion rate, providing a great return on investment.  More visitors are buying more products on average, per visit.  With Blaze, Kogan page has opened an important new chapter on headless ecommerce and content marketing in the publishing industry.

The Blaze Roadmap is loaded with features that will help Blaze users optimise ecommerce  operations ongoing. AI driven merchandising and content optimisation, enhanced personalisation, SaaS and ecommerce platform integrations, for example. Please contact the Byte9 team or an implementation partner for more information.

Easily the most productive relationship with any developer. They have one of the cleanest development processes anywhere…

Katleen Richardson, Marketing Director, Kogan Page