Two Drum online media award nominations for Boat Pro

We are super happy to announce that Boat International's Boat Pro product has been nominated for two Drum Online Media awards

The commercial success and innovation in technology achieved with the awesome team at Boat International,   in the creation of the new Boat Pro product has been recognised in nominations for two Drum Online awards; 'Technical innovation of the Year' and 'Best Commercial Innovation'.

We previously published a case study for the Boat Pro product, if you are interested what is 'under the hood',  in JavaScript development and AWS deployment terms.

We'd also like to thank the Boat International team for their continued support and product development around the Blaze open-source paltform, which is really starting to pay dividends. It is exciting times for data-driven editorial in online publishing!

"I cannot highly recommend your team enough. Thank you so much."

Jo Bathurst, Morris Visitor Publications