Virtual and hybrid event production with Blaze

Virtual events are events held online which enable audiences to join from anywhere in the world. Virtual events can be broadly categorised as webinars, virtual conference and hybrid events, where there may be a mix of both physical and virtual audience engagement.

Increasingly and driven by the pandemic, there has been a sharp rise in demand for high value virtual and now hybrid events. Event managers have sought online alternatives as physical meetings were made impossible, but also  now increasingly cost and environmental considerations and the advantages of online reach are playing a part. Additionally, with the increasing value of first party data, event marketing teams have also been able to use virtual events to gain more meaningful insights on their attendees, driving up sponsor value.

Delivering a seamless online and offline hybrid event experience, with Blaze

Blaze users have been able to bolster their event offerings, engage with new audiences and grow their revenue capabilities by switching to virtual and hybrid events easily. Boat International’s Virtual Boat Show is a good example of a successful virtual event, where suppliers and advertiers were able to reach bigger, high value audiences online around a rich, multimedia online event. Digital Publishers and event organisers, using Blaze, have been able to easily integrate with virtual event platforms like Big Marker and Hopin, to create a seamless framework for their events and to facilitate marketing and marketing automation around rich, first-party delegate and online visitor engagement data.  Byte9's development partnership with JW player for Blaze has faciliated the production and broadcast of the highest quality media during and after events, for brand parners like Tecnomar for Lamborghini.

Being able to connect to clients across the world has allowed for new revenue streams as event managers have been able to curate more specific events, targeting niche underserved audiences.

Our clients running virtual events have been able to gain powerful data and insights from their attendees by developing data walls and integrating marketing  solutions. This data has allowed them to better understand their clients, leading to more detailed profiles of their interests.

"I cannot highly recommend your team enough. Thank you so much."

Jo Bathurst, Morris Visitor Publications