Grow more rewarding first party data relationships with website users, using Cookie Pro

From digital publishers to ecommerce stores, creating and sharing first-party user engagement data, to develop enriched relationships with their readers and customers is adding value to digital business. With the impending third-party cookie apocalypse imminent, this is increasingly important. Blaze users can now share page-component level content, engagement, conversion and visitor engagement analytics with Blaze’s data-layer and then Google Tag Manager, or integrated platforms via Blaze plug-ins.

Blaze marketing users are now empowered to create personalised marketing campaigns and engage in cross-platform content marketing and advertising, via Data Management Platforms (DMPs), like Mapp or Segment. Compliance with the user’s privacy and security expectations and working within regulations like the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) means that Byte9‘s new partnership with One Trust and their Cookie Pro consent solution is valuable to Blaze users.

Collecting actionable first-party engagement insights, in a compliant way

First-party data is information an organisation collects from website visitors and owns itself. Third-party data is collected by a third party, like Google, and online businesses have been able to develop advertising and positioning using Google’s own third-party data to date, but this is set to change in 2023. Examples of first-party data include website browsing, purchase history and marketing preferences, it covers a website visitor’s interests and behaviours. Typically, this data is stored and shared via a browser cookie, stored in the user’s browser, or on a server.

Blaze enables the creation and capture of engagement information in Page Builder, at the finest-grain page-component and device level. Content engagement data can then be shared through Blaze’s powerful data layer. This facilitates rich user engagement data exchange between Blaze and marketing automation, notification, DMPs and analytics platforms. Through this information Blaze users can better understand how users are interacting with their online services, at the lowest level of detail and develop better cross-platform engagements.

To develop more rewarding relationships with your audience it is important that you’re only collecting the information that users are happy to share. Regulations like GDPR state that it is imperative that your audience should know what information is being collected, when and how it is used and shared. GDPR prioritises consent, transparency, protection, and user control principles, and threatens fines as high as 4% of a company’s annual revenue, if a company is deemed non-compliant,

Byte9 have therefore partnered with Cookie Pro, by One Trust, to enable Blaze users to implement trust-first, positive and data consent-led relationships with their visitors.

Managing consent and data sharing preferences with Cooke Pro

Cookie Pro is a flexible solution for user (cookie) consent that integrates easily with Blaze. By using Cookie Pro, Blaze users are able to meet both end-user and regulatory requirements about how personal engagement and preference data is managed. Website visitors are able to customise their experience and select their consent based on cookie type (strictly necessary, analytics, targeting, etc.).

The Blaze, Cookie Pro partnership and integration enables valuable personalised and compliant marketing campaigns, based on the rich first-party data users have happily shared, creating more valuable customer engagement and relationships.

"I cannot highly recommend your team enough. Thank you so much."

Jo Bathurst, Morris Visitor Publications