Boosting segmented Ad revenue with Google Ad Manager at Boat International

For ad-driven digital publishers, to continue to grow and succeed it’s critical to be able to understand and leverage richer, segmented audience data. Qualifying, quantifying and monetising audience attention is easier when publishers are able to categorise and segment content easily and to share segmented audience engagement data with advertising platforms.

Recently we undertook with Boat International to enhance the way adverts are managed for their valuable audience and how content and engagement data is segmented and shared with their Ad Server, Google Ad Manager

The advertising and analytics ecosystem

Google Ad Manager is a powerful ad exchange platform that can help publishers grow ad revenue by managing ad inventory and advertiser campaigns. Doing this in a segmented way using Blaze content categorisations and making the best use of audience inventory, adds value. With integrations to Google’s other reporting tools like Google Analytics, BigQuery and Data Studio publishers are able to better understand how audiences are interacting with content and to optimise that.

Boat International, the leading digital publisher in the super yacht industry, have a valuable high net worth (HNW) audience and premium sponsors and advertisers, both for Superyacht and lifestyle related advertising.

No code product development, with Blaze

Boat International's commercial team have been able to use Blaze's 'no code' content templates to create targeted and segmented ad slots and tightly integrate with Google Ad Manager, taking full advantage ad serving and analytics capabilities. Using Blaze's extensive ad presentation tools, non-technical Blaze users have been able to create and configure many new types of ad and ad placement, across the site. The ability to create ad slots in any content card block, content or product listing page or directory or search results page, managing the cadence of ads,  has massively increased ad opportunities. Blaze enables Ad managers to assign content and product attributes to ad slot that enables both macro and micro ad targeting of multi-media and format ads.

Developing commercial opportunities

Boat International have developed significant commercial opportunities within this premium ad space and their network of advertisers, site visitor numbers have grown significantly, driven by search optimisation and social media targeting, also enhanced by Blaze’s user engagement data sharing capabilities.

With Blaze, Boat International have been able to track and grow their ad revenue year on year, continually optimising ad placement and format across the site, guaranteeing engagement and user metrics for sponsors and advertisers.

"Congratulations!! The website is fabulous, looks stunning and we are seeing more visitors, who are engaging with more content! I'm about to grab a coffee and get reading."

Editor, Get the Gloss