Improving segmented Ad revenue with Google Ad Manager at Boat International

In digital publishing, the key to growth and success lies in capturing and acting on segmented audience data. In advertising, the ability to accurately segment, analyse, and monetise attention characterises leading publisher platforms. Byte9’s partnership with Boat International helped refine their Ad management techniques and segment content and deliver that, using Google Ad Manager.

Understanding the Advertising and Analytics Landscape

Google Ad Manager is a leading Ad management and Ad exchange platform. It empowers publishers to manage Ad inventory and advertiser campaigns, with campaign segmentation tools. When combined with Blaze’s content categorisation, it allows a strategic use of targeted audience inventory, resulting in added value. Integrated tools like Google Analytics, BigQuery, and Looker Studio further aid publishers in gauging audience interaction with content, paving the way for Ad optimisation.

About Boat International

As the frontrunner in the super yacht industry's digital publishing space, Boat International reaches a highly esteemed high-net-worth (HNW) audience. They collaborate with premium sponsors and advertisers, covering both super yacht and luxury lifestyle niches.

Seamless Integration with Blaze

Boat International's commercial users utilised Blaze’s 'no-code' Page-Bulder to create precisely targeted ad slots, across content types and templates. Ad slots can be managed within search, within listings, in-articles and within site navigation.  Blaze’s comprehensive Ad management tools have empowered non-tech users to design and arrange a diverse range of ads across the platform. Moreover, the flexibility to position Ad slots within various content structures and manage their cadence and relationship to topics and preferences has revolutionised ad opportunities. Through Blaze, Ad managers can match content and product attributes to ad slots, facilitating both broad and precise ad targeting across various media and formats.

Expanding Commercial Horizons

This strategic integration has seen Boat International unlock commercial opportunities within their premium Ad space. Their Advertiser network has flourished ad site traffic has surged, thanks to advanced search optimisation and social media strategies. Blaze's user engagement data sharing capabilities have helped amplify this growth

Key Benefits of Blaze for Boat International:

  • Enhanced Ad Revenue: Year-on-year growth in ad revenue.
  • Optimal Ad Placement: Continuous refinement of ad positioning and formats.
  • Guaranteed Engagement: Assurance of engagement and metric delivery for sponsors and advertisers.


With Blaze’s innovative tools and Google Ad Manager’s robust platform, Boat International has not only refined their ad strategy but has also ensured consistent growth and engagement. It's a partnership that underscores the importance of segmented audience data in the digital publishing sector.

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