Monitoring the Blaze technology stack end to end, with Datadog

Datadog is an application and application environment performance data collation, monitoring and dashboarding tool that allows Blaze developers and users to report all web operational data, from many different sources. This includes over 70 AWS services.

Datadog allows the Blaze development SysOps and DevOps teams to maintain not just a high-level view of the health of the Blaze infrastructure and microservices across Cloud Environments like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure, but also the performance and security of each of the Blaze applications, running in the requisite configurations, managed using Terraform

Having all of the system level metrics from the various AWS third-party and Blaze real-time application metrics, in one place, allows holistic and immediate application management.

With machine learning enabled features, enabling forecasting, Blaze framework development SysOps and DevOps teams can keep operational cost and risk to a minimum, by proactively managing services and dependencies before there is any impact on performance.

Datadog is part of the standard Blaze framework technology stack and is deployed as part of the Byte9 support resources, if developer support is required.

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