Kogan Page Ecommerce Launch

With great pleasure we're pleased to push the live button on publisher Kogan Page's new website

Kogan Page needed to replace their existing content management and ecommerce platform & fast.

With a three month turnaround Byte9 have deployed Blaze and designed a fully responsive site,  within budget and a tight timeframe.  Following an agile approach to development allowed the project team to re-prioritise and introduce new and changing features without impacting delivery.

Byte9 deployed the Blaze platform to meet Kogan Page's system integration, content management, digital marketing, ecommerce and order fulfillment requirements.  Complex data and user migration was facilitated using the Blaze import and media processing tools.

Systems Integration with Mailchimp, Paypoint, Virtusales Biblio and the order fulfillment partner provide for the seamless handling of book data, sales and order fulfillment.

We're looking forward to building out the new platform with Kogan Page and achieving new heights in content marketing and sales conversion, across their marketing and distribution channels.

"Easily the most productive relationship with any developer. They have one of the cleanest development processes anywhere…"

Katleen Richardson, Marketing Director, Kogan Page