Case Studies

Digital Service Evolution with Three Rivers District Council

Byte9 announce the launch of the re-platformed Three Rivers District Council website (TRDC), powered by Blaze. 

A technology first for UK Local Government

TRDC are pioneering local council 'headless' content management in digital service delivery. Coupled with the Blaze Single Page Application (SPA) a new level of digital service for residents has been achieved. The combination delivers App-like functionality in the browser, in contrast to the static web page experience of all other council sites. The approach enhances and personalises the resident experience.

The benefits of this digital shift are significant. Residents can expect:

  • First Point Resolution: Digital solutions without the need for call centre activity.
  • Reduced Avoidable Contact: Minimising unnecessary interactions, ensuring digital touchpoints add value.
  • Enhanced Council Efficiency: Streamlined operations to drive optimal service delivery.
  • Greater Accessibility: Enabling residents to self-serve, providing round-the-clock access to council services.

Three Rivers take control, with ‘no code’ website creation

Enabled by 'no code' web delivery, the council now fully controls online service delivery. Using Blaze, any council can now deliver a range of digital services without web developers, hence ‘no code’. The approach enhances the availability and flexibility of online services, enhancing resident digital engagement.

Digital service content overhaul enabling the communications team

Working with the communication and service teams, we optimised the council content archive. This included optimising all content for search engines (SEO) and accessibility. Online services are usable and available within search.

Whether it's a new digital service, news update, public announcement or councillor search, delivery is easy.

Online service personalisation and other Headless CMS benefits

Blaze offers Three Rivers a SPA front-end, controlled by Page-Builder. The SPA provides an App-like experience in web browsers, unlike a traditional static webpage. This approach is unique in headless content management. Page-builder gives control of page templates to council users. The GraphQL API shares content and media with the front-end app. This approach offers personalised content delivery for different council website users. Performance and return on investment are also improved.

The tangible benefits of Blaze's include:

  • Content personalisation: the App can render content for individual users, not static webpages.
  • Consistent content presentation: adaptive and responsive content and media delivery to all devices.
  • Faster delivery: updates and rollouts completed by the TRDC team, no dependencies.
  • Simplified content reuse: ensuring consistent messaging across different council comms channels.

Better performance with MACH & JAMstack Architecture

The Three Rivers District Council website delivers better presentation, usability and accessibility. Using progressive MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless) and JAMstack architecture. Serverless and microservice architecture deployed on the Cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS) :

  • Scalability: high traffic demands instantly met.
  • Security: defence against potential threats.
  • Performance: rapid load times and uninterrupted uptime.
  • Flexibility: fast integration with other tools and platforms.

Bringing Blaze to other council websites

As a certified G Cloud service, Blaze is available to any UK council. Blaze is ready to revolutionise digital delivery for local government across the UK. More dynamic, better communicated and personalised digital services are possible.

Join us in shaping the digital landscape. Together, let's make local government services more efficient, accessible, and user-centric.

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