Case Studies

Byte9 and Boat International Media Pioneer Maritime Digital Publishing with Blaze CMS

Boat International Media have moved digital publishing operations to Blaze, the leading headless CMS.  The ‘no-code’ site editing has enabled business users to build and maintain the website. The ‘low-code’ solution for the product team has transformed feature and commercial development. The results are rapid website development, lower costs and improved revenues.

The 'Co-Sourced' Development Approach

Boat International’s product team and Byte9’s engineers have collaborated in development. The result? Cost-effective platform development, enhanced security and reduced reliance on outdated, proprietary CMS tools. Working with Byte9 has improved digital outcomes, reduced technical overhead, risk and cost.

Empowerment Through 'No-Code' Website Creation

Blaze CMS realises the potential of ‘No-Code’ and ‘Headless’ Content Management. Page-Builder tools allow the team to create searchable, blended content and product pages.  This has elevated user engagement and revenue from advertising, sponsorship and premium subscriptions.Without the dependency on developers and web designers, the website is evolving fast.

Utilising Data for User Engagement

Blaze's data capabilities allow capturing and analysing content engagement at an intricate level. Compared to traditional CMS analytics, this provides richer user insights for optimisation. Data capture is at the page-component level for each user action. User experience is enhanced through Analytics, Data Management and User Experience Platforms (DMPs / UXPs).

Personalisation with a Single Page Application

Blaze offers a Single Page Application (SPA) front-end, controlled by Page-Builder. The SPA provides an app-like experience in browsers, unlike a traditional static webpage. This approach is unique in headless content management. Page-builder gives control of page templates to editorial users. The GraphQL API shares content and media with the front-end App. This approach improves performance and offers personalised content delivery for different user groups.

Enhancing Advertising and Audience Development

Boat International capitalises on sponsorship and advertising. Blaze, integrated with Google Ad Manager, facilitates personalised sponsor advertising, boosting revenue. Rich multimedia content also offers increased sponsorship opportunities. Advertising, Data Management and Social Media Platforms can share content engagement data. This enables off-site audience development and targeting, increasing revenue.

MACH, JAMstack & Cloud Computing: Changing the Publishing Landscape

Blaze uses MACH and JAMstack architecture, which improves performance, scalability and maintainability. With a huge developer community supporting JavaScript technology, the potential is immense. Cloud-hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the hosting scales based on exact demand. Cloud computing and microservices architecture make Blaze a future-proof and cost-effective technology choice.

AI-Driven Media Optimization

Blaze incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to optimise media across diverse layouts on different devices, from single high-res images. This enhances performance and minimises costs. Security features also use AI to identify and counter threats. 

The Blaze roadmap includes significant developments in AI and ML.  Content analysis and classification will help editors. Improved SEO, management of structured data and archive optimisation will help content marketers. Blaze will help Boat International's content engagement and positioning, ongoing,

The Future of Content Management

Blaze CMS revolutionises the digital publishing landscape. Boat International have streamlined operations and improved revenues. Users enjoy a better content experience and advertisers are getting better returns. Blaze is not following the trend – it is setting the pace in digital publishing.

Easily the most productive relationship with any developer. They have one of the cleanest development processes anywhere…

Katleen Richardson, Marketing Director, Kogan Page