Byte9 achieve UK Government G-Cloud supplier status

The team are proud to announce that we have become a Crown Commercial Services supplier, within the UK Government G-Cloud Government framework, for software developers and suppliers.

Established in 2012, G-Cloud is a UK Government initiative to support the adoption and growth of cloud technology across the public sector. Made available through the Digital Marketplace, G-Cloud is the go to service for sofrware development, hosting and consultancy services for UK Government.

The G-Cloud framework offers the public sector easy access to services from approved suppliers, providing public sector buyers with peace of mind in their cloud software selection.

Public sector bodies can gain access to innovative SaaS technology through the Government's digital marketplace of approved vendors, which now includes Byte9 and the Blaze web development and content management framework.

Blaze framework is now available to public bodies, giving access to genuinely progressive 'headless’ content management software (CMS), using best practice serverless infrastructure and micro-services architecture.  Blaze is the only full-stack JavaScript web development and content management framework available within the Government G Cloud framework.

The benefits to public sector buyers include much lower cost of infrastructure, lower developer overhead and significantly improved performance for web applications and websites.

We are proud to be part of the framework and to be providing best practice, cloud native performant software for public service.

"We are all delighted with the design, production and pertfomaence of In London. Thank you!"

Publishing Director - Morris Visitor Publications