Enterprise video streaming using JW Player and Blaze, for the Virtual Boat Show

Boat International wanted to deliver exciting new digital events within their hugely popular Virtual Boat Show. They wanted the Virtual Boat show to be an interactive multimedia experience that brings together their premium partners, builders, brokers sponsors, suppliers and attendees for a one-of-a-kind online media events.

Boat International wanted to produce the world’s best Virtual Boat show and the concept was for it to be a multimedia, editorial-driven digital event that featured a rich mix of written, still and video content, showcasing the best on offer in the international superyacht market.

Delivering the highest quality streaming across devices

Being the best format for engaging online content, and considering the premium advertisers, sponsors and partners, it was a high priority for Boat International to deliver the highest quality media, without a loss of quality. With visitors accessing events from a range of devices it was a priority that the video content delivery network be able to maintain a high quality regardless of network and device constraints.

Through Byte9’s development partnership JW Player and Blaze integration, Boat International were able to incorporate video content at broadcast quality, controlling ad roll, playlists and gaining rich insight on usage. They were able to feature video content from sponsors throughout the Virtual Boat Show; they were also able to capture live webinar content and house it on demand for visitors to access at any time.

Understanding the video audience, with fine grain analytics

Due to JW Player’s advanced video intelligence capabilities, Boat International have been able to run analytics and understand where and exactly how content has been accessed. These features have helped Boat International measure and quantify the success of the content delivered during the Virtual Boat Show.

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