1st party data creation and sharing with data layer

Blaze is a GraphQL based API technology stack with messaging and data sharing services optimised for performance and efficiency.

Using Blaze and the associated technology stack, use cases like micro-personalisation of content at the page component and device level, at scale and under concurrent load become possible.

So saying, it becomes possible to store and profile data on a user’s usage history and then to modify the display of web content of listings at the page component and device level to match those preferences.  The possibilities enabled by our technology stack are myriad and powerful.  Data processing at scale and data sharing between applications for e.g. marketing automation is the type of problem this solution is architected for.

Using built in Google Tag Manager tooling, applicable at the page component level, we can pass data from the frontend application into a data layer. Rich data on users and content can then be passed to platforms like Google Analytics, or Data Studio in order to track, profile & measure user’s engagement with content.

The Byte9 data layer is a marketing automation enabler for clients and enables being able to capture and share content and user meta-data at the page component and device level. This means that it’s much easier to make use of engagement data, both for reporting, performance, optimisation and data sharing purposes. It’s also possible to share that engagement data with social media and marketing/advertising platforms to re-engage users based on their content browsing and preference data and to build look-a-like audiences to augment marketing campaigns.

Additionally, Byte9's experience of evolving, refactoring and optimising applications will ensure that the clients applications become more functional, more performant and more loved by both end users and administrative users over time.

Easily the most productive relationship with any developer. They have one of the cleanest development processes anywhere…

Katleen Richardson, Marketing Director, Kogan Page