Coronavirus Notice

Coronavirus Notice


Update on Byte9's approach to mitigating any risk associated to the Coronavirus

We wanted to update you on Byte9's approach to mitigating any risk associated to the Coronavirus. We appreciate that you would be concerned at this uncertain time and thought that we should share our approach.

The safety of employees and customers is our primary concern, while we continue to serve you and your teams effectively.

Rest assured that with a widely distributed team Byte9 are well equipped for remote working, we have been doing this for many years - we have efficient tooling and process to support that and we have all been working from home since last week. We have suspended all non-essential travel and are changing any face to face meetings to video calls and screen shares. It is all of our social responsibility to distance ourselves from others socially and maintain hand-hygiene at this time. We will continue to do that, in line with government guidelines. Employees will follow guidelines on self-isolation, should the unfortunate need arise.

Furthermore, all of our operational systems are cloud based, so there is no necessity or dependency on the office - predominantly we are deploying infrastructure to AWS, which will remain solid and is all managed remotely. Our use of GitHub, CircleCI, Slack, Jira, Google Suite and our remote production management and collaboration tooling is well established and resilient.

Financially, we will remain stable and have additionally received assurance from HSBC that support is available, if required in the mid-term. If you are affected by this significantly financially please communicate that early, so we can all mitigate any risk. The UK budget has recently additionally made available to banks, business and employees additional support, should that need arise.

Obviously, this must be a case of continuing business as usual, where possible. We would like to also ensure that the digital opportunity and the contingency that it affords is available to all of our client partners. In adversity there is also sometimes opportunity and certainly ecommerce and web content consumption is increasing at this time and will do significantly afterwards. We believe this will hasten the take up of our new open-source Blaze project, which has a large number of inherent benefits for enabling non-technical, in-house teams to achieve very sophisticated web implementation, content marketing and marketing automation, with reduced web developer dependency and reduced 'on-demand' AWS infrastructure cost - we'd happily discuss this on a screen share, as required.

If you would like to discuss our contingency planning, or any changes to your web-based activity please do drop us a line and we will setup a conference call and screen share to discuss.

Business as usual for us and please stay safe and well,