Kogan Page case study

Kogan Page

The leading independent global publisher of specialist professional books

Kogan Page's online sales have increased significantly since they started working with the team at Byte9

Kogan Page is the leading independent global publisher of specialist business books and content with hundreds of books in print. When they needed to replace and enhance their global digital marketing, ecommerce and web publishing operations the Byte9 team and the Blaze publisher tools were selected as the best fit for the complex job.


The Brief

  • Replace the existing system within a three-month timeline
  • Ensure the site was responsive and mobile optimised
  • Provide enhanced web marketing and CRM automation
  • Improve Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Integrate the web content publishing process with Virtusales Biblio bibliographic data management system
  • Integrate order shipping and handling with multiple global distribution partners
  • Provide a seamless email order and marketing solution with email partner Adestra
  • Manage the complex print and ebook bundling and international discounting rules
  • Create localised sites for different markets
  • Provide an e-reader solution tightly integrated with the customer's website account
  • Create a subscription solution for e-reader book sales
  • Manage branded micro-sites for institutional e-subscription customers
  • Facilitate group e-subscription handling
  • Provide a robust support infrastructure with guaranteed response times
  • Introduce an agile development methodology to facilitate iterative system development 


The Byte9 Solution

Working closely with the Kogan Page ecommerce, marketing and operations teams Byte9 firstly developed a set of user stories to map the existing and future user scenarios.

Collaboratively we mapped and prioritised the critical cut-over functionality that was required for the initial deadline. Together the Byte9 and client team delivered a seamless, integrated solution within the three-month deadline and the allocated budget.

By following an upwardly responsive design process we enhanced the existing site design to work elegantly on mobile, tablet and larger screens. This enabled the burgeoning number of mobile users to access the site in an enhanced way, prior to a planned re-design.

Utilising product information feeds from Virtusales Biblio we used the Blaze file import and processing tools to populate the products and content relationships. URLs were mapped, content relations created, meta tags and title descriptions were updated and the go-live process feathered a seamless redirection and archive optimisation, to maintain and enhance SEO. Working with localised order payment and stock management and distribution partners we created a series of integrations to facilitate improved customer experience and web sales fulfilment.

Email partner Adestra provide broadcast email capability and the tight integration with the API allows the passing of customer newsletter preferences, order data and web content to facilitate email interaction and marketing automation.

Perhaps the most complex part of the project involved the development of a browser- based e-reader solution that provided readers access to subscription-controlled e-book content in EPUB format. The e-reader solution was developed to allow browser-based control of e-reader tools that are integrated with the user’s website account.

This gives library functionality within the online subscription and useful tools like bookmarking and commenting on pages, searching within the website and across e-books, as well as an enhanced mobile reading experience.


The Result

Kogan Page's online sales have increased significantly since working with the team at Byte9, with search engine and digital marketing strategies helping to increase the number of relevant, converting website visitors.

New digital subscription and institutional subscription revenue streams have been added, and Byte9 continue to work with the Kogan Page team to innovate quickly, iteratively and with minimal operational risk.


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