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Scrum is the methodology that we predominantly follow; it is a framework for the successful delivery of complex (software) projects.

Working in short periods of time, usually two weeks, known as a ‘sprint the team pull stories from a backlog of stories that have been estimated and prioritised by the product owner. Daily the team meet for a short meeting, known as a ‘Scrum’ at which ideas, roadblocks and requirements for the day’s work are discussed. The project manager, or Scrum Master, is tasked with removing any roadblocks to developer productivity.

Estimation is undertaken collaboratively by playing ‘planning poker’ which allows each team member to share knowledge and experience as part of the estimation process. We estimate in units called story points’ which are delivered during the 'sprint', giving us a project ‘velocity’ for the team. Looking forward at estimated stories we can determine delivery times based on the current velocity, we can re-prioritise, and add and remove features instantly seeing the impact of change.

At the end of the sprint we deliver features that are ready to use, and after feedback the backlog is reviewed and reprioritised as part of a ‘retrospective’.

That is the essence of Scrum and our agile way of working. Being responsive to change as it happens and being able to measure it’s impact as the project develops.

For clients this makes development much more cost effective and predictable.

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