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Our people

Working to create the perfect web experience

The Byte9 team

We are a team of expert systems designers and developers who work closely with our clients as a team to deliver award winning web solutions.


  • We believe that the best technology solutions are not driven by technology,  but by the people who know what to do with it.   
  • We believe in working smart; collaboration, experience and intuition.  
  • We love nothing more than lean systems that over deliver on the benefit that was identified upfront.   
  • We’re good at understanding the benefit that you and your users want from a system and delivering the features that support that, using the appropriate tools.
  •  We won’t try and do too much, too soon.  
  • We will always ensure that system growth and performance are considered from the get-go,  so there are no nasty suprises as the system scales.

Happy users, measurable results, on-going improvement, fanatical support; that’s what it is all about for us.  

Yes it’s a bit nerdy,   but the geek shall inherit the earth, right?


On the lookout...

We're always on the lookout for talented, passionate people who can help us to evolve our systems and as a team and currently have these job roles open. If you like the sound of our way of working and want to find out more please drop us a line, let's chat.