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discover & define

Discover & Define

This is where the foundations of successful agile development projects are laid. We believe successful systems are driven by the people and the process and this is where all the value is added. This is where a good project becomes great. Understanding your business. Understanding the different stakeholders and their motivations, using user centred design. Setting the goals and defining how the technology might be put to work in a way that maximises benefit to the users and your business. Defining what it is that will make this system loved and valued. We will challenge ideas and provide input based on our experience pushing you to identify measurable project goals early on.

stories & wireframes

Stories & Wireframes

'Stories' and 'wireframes' are the building blocks of a successful project. We us stories to succinctly express the benefit of a feature, describing its function and identifying the stakeholder. Stories help the entire project team to understand required functionality accurately and consistently - which is important when you are building lots of functionality. A common language that is driven by benefit. We use wireframing to expresses complicated interfaces in a way that can be easily tweaked and updated as we explore different concepts. We use them as visual blueprints to illustrate the way features and functions will operate in an interface.

plan & prepare

Plan & prepare

Once we have a clearer picture of the functionality and what benefit it will bring, we help you to prioritise them into an 'iteration' plan and 'roadmap'. We'll then collaboratively estimate the development time using 'planning poker', which will help us to track progress accurately as we go. We'll break down the delivery into manageable two week periods, or 'sprints', at which we plan to deliver working functionality, right from the start. What we deliver in each sprint tells us how long the rest of the project will take as we track the 'velocity'. You can then make informed decisions on priorities for the rest of the project with an accurate timeline in hand. Project plans that remain accurate as you go. It really does work!

design & usability

Design & Usability

The wireframes and stories will inform the design, articulating what interfaces need to achieve, for whom and why. The visual identity and branding are applied in-house, or with a design agency to help you achieve your identity as well as functional and performance goals. Our designers will help to interpret your brand within effective and usable interfaces, with consideration to different browsers and devices, following 'user centred design' and 'responsive design' mehodologies. Design sign-off signals the beginning of the build proper.

code & integrate

Code & Integrate

Using dedicated development, staging and live environments to facilitate testing we write and deploy system updates in-line with the stories and wireframes in a 'continuous integration' test driven development environment. Every two weeks we will have deployed new functionality to the staging environment for you to use, review, feedback and consider what comes next now that you know more. Work fast, waste little, release early, review & repeat. Agile development.

test & deploy

Test & deploy

Testing that is baked in. Test driven development. From the moment the developers are considering functionality they are thinking about the test that it will need to pass. If we have a set of tests built in that represent 100% of the functionality of the site then we can automatically test 100% of the site functionality each time we make a change. How useful is that? Bugs are rare in our systems as a result of this. Our comprehensive system launch checklists also help us to deliver a smooth and predictable go-live.

support & update

Support & update

Big web systems require dedicated and fanatical support. It is our goal to deliver the best service you have encountered. We focus on having transparent support systems and process that connects you to the people than 'can', and gives you piece of mind that your system is loved and cared for. We'll update and patch the operating environment and system to ensure that you get maximum protection from bugs, hacks and outages.

Measure and Grow

Measure & grow

It's all about evolution. That is how the most effective systems grow. We will help you to measure how users interact with the system in a meaningful way and improve it in increments based on their feedback. Sustainable growth driven by user feedback and prioritisation, maximising the return on your on-going investment.