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Behaviour Driven Development

Behaviour Driven Development

Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) is a methodology that encourages all stakeholders in a development project to use common languages and stakeholder benefits-led requirement tatements to describe features.

Using ‘stories’ to describe system features and functionality in a benefits led way helps identify the user or ‘stakeholder’and how the feature will satisfy that benefit.

Behaviour driven development encourages the entire team; client, project manager, designer, developer, tester etc to use a common language to establish a clearer understanding of the business benefits of the system features to each stakeholder. After all if we cannot first identify a benefit for the feature that is clearly understood, what on earth are we doing considering building it for?

The main aim is to allow the entire project team to focus on why the features are being created and for whom. This helps us all not to lose focus on technical details, design quirks or superfluous features.

We use stakeholder analysis, stakeholder motivations and user stories to describe system functionality at the outset during requirement analysis, through the design process, through development and to testing at the end.

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