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The Where Pass

For Morris Visitor Publications

The Where Pass project for Morris Visitor Publications was for a multi-site project for London, Paris, and Berlin providing a visitor pass offering targeted attractions, retail and dining offers as well as personalised itineraries and for London a contactless VISA debit card to use for Oyster travel and FX efficient spending.

The Where Pass provides a contactless VISA debit card for London visitors to use for all their tickets to top attractions, Oyster pay-as-you-go travel, and funds for their trip.

The challenging project delivered a multi-site, multi-lingual platform fully integrated for handling cardholder account creation, KYC compliance, attraction ticketing, and online payments for bookings. Secure cardholder features were made available directly through the website account for users to activate cards, view pin, load funds, check balance, and view statements.

As a new innovative product offering, for the inbound travel market, the complex proposition needed careful communication across the site. The checkout paths have been optimised for numerous user scenarios handling individual travellers or groups purchasing either one or more passes only or in combination with attraction tickets, travel, and/or adding funds for spending money.

Features delivered include:

  • Multi-site
  • Multi-lingual
  • Secure cardholder account creation
  • Secure cardholder features for online card activation, pin retreival, check balance, view statements
  • Targeted recommendations for attractions and itinerary (calculated using a sophisticated algorithm based on matched interests and proximity of other attractions)
  • Targeted recommendations for retail and dining offers (also based on matched interests and proximity of partner venues to attractions)
  • Integrated attraction ticketing sales
  • Integrated Google Maps API
  • Integrated TFL API for nearest transport
  • Integrated Kidrated attraction ratings
  • Personalised Itinerary View
  • Journey Planner integrated with Citymapper and Google Maps
  • Calculated Oyster travel costs for funds to add to cardholder account based on trip duration and the zones coverage matched from arrival/departure, accommodation, and attraction locations
  • Optimised checkout and integrated secure payments with multiple gateways (WorldPay; Stripe; PayPal and SOFORT)
  • Integrated Currency Conversion rates
  • User Generated Galleries
  • Integrated Social Media feeds and Social Sharing
  • Integrated Quiz and Survey capture

Where Pass launched as a pilot in London, Paris, and Berlin, with an exciting roadmap of new features, more attractions, and new destinations to follow.

We couldn't have done it without you!Sarah Clegg, Marketing Director at MVP Europe


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