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Wasteland Ski

Mobile App

Development of a Mobile App for Wasteland Ski, a leading winter sports travel operator

Launched for the 2016/17 winter season, the new Official Mobile App for Wasteland Ski provides an invaluable resource for anyone travelling with Wasteland.

Directly integrated with the Web Booking System, powered by the Blaze framework, the Hybrid App has been developed from a single code base allowing for central management of bookings and customer data from the same Blaze admin. 

Key Features Delivered:

  • Single sign-on (using booking system credentials)
  • Account profile (change password, update addresses...)
  • View booking (and payments)
  • Trip Itinerary (by option groups +/or personalised)
  • Trip Checklist
  • Explore Resort(s) Points of Interest (accommodation, bars & restaurants, shops etc...)
  • Integrated with Google Maps
  • Push Notification (scheduled and targeted alerts)
  • In-App payments (options for trip merchandise, events tickets etc...)
  • Offline access (cached content)
  • Analytics usage tracking and reporting

Read more about the Wasteland Ski App here.

Project Roadmap:

  • Group Leader features
  • Extend messages for 2-way chat
  • Streamlined admin features






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Wasteland Ski - Bookings

Wasteland Ski - Bookings

A new travel booking and event management system for the UK's leading student winter sports tour operator, Wasteland Ski