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The Media Briefing is the intelligence platform for the global media industry. They mix original analysis, insight and reporting on industry trends, challenges and opportunities with selective curation of the best articles on the media landscape from around the media world.

The scope of the project was to facilitate the design and implementation of a content managed online publishing platform delivering targeted content (articles, blog, curated news, resources etc.) cut by channel or sector.

The content is a mix of public and ‘freemium’ (for registered users) and will cross sell TheMediaBriefing events.


Project Goals

  • Raise the profile of TheMediaBriefing online
  • Increase quality targeted site visits and audience engagement/retention
  • Increase conversion rates (newsletter, registrations, and events)
  • Improve marketing of TheMediaBriefing events and cross-selling to drive revenue
  • Ensure the timely delivery of different news types based on registered user’s preferences
  • Leverage curation and semantic analysis tools within Blaze CMS to produce optimal content and monitor current trends/topics
  • Capture and leverage actionable business intelligence through user data driven strategy 

The Byte9 Solution

The Byte9 solution for TheMediaBriefing provides core content management functionality as well as trial and subscription and community management.  


Content Management 

Using Blaze CMS TheMediaBriefing were able to produce multiple content types such as; articles, news, events and customisable landing pages that are all in keeping with their branding and design.

In particular, Blaze CMS has provided them with publisher specific features centring around news curation and editorial assistance. Content imports and aggregation of 3rd party news has enabled TheMediaBriefing to bolster their content database and establish them as an ‘authority’ site in the B2B publishing world. A ‘story arc’ of related content and ‘editors picks’ ensure that content is featured prominently and system analysis of content to suggest important words (meta data) has enabled them to easily curate and classify original content around a topic. 


Data Migration

The Blaze content management system allows for assisted data migration of content from the existing platform. In the case of TheMediaBriefing this involved; the import of editorial material to reduce the burden of content preparation in the new site launch, the import of existing tags in the archive of content and migration of site users. 



The site templates have been optimised for mobile and tablet browsing, using advanced responsive design techniques. The site is now accessible across devices. 


The Result 

The Blaze CMS publisher solution for TheMediaBriefing has resulted in an engaging publisher site leveraging curation and semantic analysis tools for optimal content production helping to establish them as an ‘authority’ figure in the B2B publishing industry. 

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