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Speakers Corner


A leading international speaker bureau recommending over 6500 speakers for over 1000 events a year. The latest redesign launch ensures Speakers Corner stays ahead of the competition with a well optimised, effective, and engaging website.

Project Objectives:

  • Increase engagement and in turn lead generation conversions (enquiries, shared wishlists...)
  • Improve communication of Speakers Corner credentials, service offering, and values
  • Engage visitors with visual content and entice users to explore the website further
  • De-clutter site template and improve presentation of all content types
  • Make the search function more obvious
  • Ensure clear usable primary navigation to help visitors more easily browse speakers of interest
  • Provide clear simple methods for visitors to filter and sort listings to quickly find speakers of interest
  • Showcase speakers with teasers, links to biographies, and highlighted related content
  • Improve the visibility and presentation of blog content (consolidated with migrated news, speaker interviews, and video posts)

Key Feature Updates:

  • Increased site width and update all page templates for upwardly responsive optimised design
  • Update to sitewide styles to improve look and feel (clean, usable, mobile optimised designs)
  • Update site header to declutter and improve clarity of navigation menus
  • Update site footer to declutter
  • Update homepage for featured speakers, latest blog, and about Speakers Corner
  • Flexible control for balance of directly controlled content 'features' and dynamic 'latest' content components
  • New About page design for clear presentation of value messaging, case studies, and clients...
  • Update clear targeted call-to-action messaging (enquiries, wishlist, social sharing...)
  • Update speaker biography pages for clearer sticky enquiry call-to-action, featured content (interview, video, related blog...)
  • Update speaker listings for clearer sticky filters component, in-line enquiry calls-to-action, and infinite scroll
  • Update blog listing for clearer search and filter by year
  • Introduction of clear and simple breadcrumb
  • Addition of combat spam measures and ReCaptcha to all form components
  • General performance tune up to ensure improved site speeds

The website redesign launched in May 2017 and has been very well received. Further testing and analysis will drive prioritisation for iterative improvements ongoing.

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