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Newton Media

Multiple publication sites

Newton Media produces a number of premium business to business titles, including World Intellectual Property Review (WIPR), Intelligent Insurer and Bermuda RE among others.

The Brief

Newton Media were looking to implement a CMS that delivers targeted content using core B2B publisher features that could be used to provide a platform for development of their other titles (like Intelligent Insurer) levraging the same template layout and infrastructure.

Specific objectives included:

  • Using core B2B publisher features to create a platform for the development of multiple titles, leveraging the same template layout and infrastructure.
  • A system that will facilitate the design and implementation of a content managed website platform that will deliver targeted content (i.e. company information/news, reports etc..) that can be defined by category.
  • Improve the delivery of targeted, personalised content and advertising delivered in a timely manner.
  • Empower readers to self-promote in a regulated environment for commercial return.

The Byte9 Solution

Platform & Template design

A brand consistent template with core B2B features which has been used as a platform for subsequent titles that were deployed from the original template for WIPR.  

Content management

Using the Blaze content management system, Byte9 designed, developed and is currently deploying multiple Newton Media titles using the same platform, whilst allowing for individual differences between sites.

The content management system has been designed for non-technical users which permits content management features such as; auto publishing of news (both in-house and aggregated from 3rd party sites), relevant content clearly organised by sections, events and calendar listings, and a company directory listing. 

Marketing & Social Media

The site allows users to promote social media activity through inclusion of a social bookmarking plugin and a pre-configured Twitter widget, resulting in increased visibility and audience engagement.

Data Migration

The Blaze content management system allows for an automated data migration of content from the existing platform, reducing the burden of content preparation and preserving existing site user accounts and access. 

 The Result

Newton media now has five titles live:

World Intellectual Property Review

Intelligent Insurer

Bermuda Reinsurance

Captive International

Life Sciences Intellectual Property Review

Each of the sites has been deployed from the same platform and are accessible across multiple devices. The Blaze content management system allows for the management of the separate sites to deliver targeted content to users. We are currently devlopeing further titles for Newton Media. 






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