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Ledbury Research

Ledbury Research is the leading consulting business specialising in research and insight into High Net Worth Individuals. They produce expert findings in the form of reports, premium site content and bespoke research projects.

Ledbury Research is a Company Partner of the Market Research Society, the world’s largest association representing providers and users of market, social, and opinion research, and business intelligence.
Ledbury is also an Associate Member of, and regular contributor to, the Association of Private Client Investment Managers (APCIMS) and a founding member and corporate partner of the Luxury Society.

Ledbury wanted a content management system that would allow them to deliver targeted content in multiple forms, offer a range of subscriptions to users and generally drive subscriptions/Marketing/Revenue through a functionally rich and engaging site.

 Some of the specified project goals were as follows:

  • Create configurable subscription types for users across topics and geographies
  • Obtain actionable, specified user data to be able to produce a personalised experience for logged in users
  • Produce engaging content along with user access and permissions for premium content
  • Ensure the timely delivery of news along with email personalisation for subscribed users 

The Byte9 Solution 

The Bye9 solution for Ledbury Research provides core content management and publishing functionality as well as complex trial and subscription management.

Blaze CMS helped Ledbury;

  • Create engaging content
  • Personalised mailing efforts
  • Effective management of a wide range of subscriptions to ease administrative efforts and drive revenue. 

'My Ledbury'

The ‘My Ledbury’ feature allows users, upon signing up, to specify their interests. This data is then used to create a personalised experience, increasing engagement between the Ledbury brand and site user. This, coupled with a personalised email broadcast campaign through integration with 3rd party platform, Mailchimp has meant that Ledbury Research can focus their marketing efforts and deliver the right content to the right user. 

Report & Subscriptions 

The primary revenue source for Ledbury are their premium reports, these have been made accessible through users accounts, which ensures that reports can only be downloaded after the transaction has been successful.  

In addition to reports, Ledbury operates on a trial & subscription basis, and to protect their content, access and permissions are restricted on certain types of content to specific subscriptions. To optimise conversions peronalised user messaging can be setup based on a users subscription status,.  optimisiing upgrade or  renewal conversion.  

To drive sales and provide customers with an optimised checkout process, subscriptions were made available as a content type to enable simultaneous purchase of a report and a subscription. 

Additionally IP based licence subscriptions and company license trial subscriptions can be managed through the Blaze administration.

Reporting on trialist and subscribed user activity helps sales and marketing teams focus their efforts on optimised conversion.

Safe Payment 

The site is integrated with Paypal to enable secure on-site payment, this coupled with trust messaging help to deliver a seamless ecommerce experience. 

The Result 

The result is an intuitive site that provides relevant and engaging content, delivered in a timely manner. The access restrictions and user permissions in place mean that premium content is protected and also helps to drive revenue sales for reports. The personalisation aspect of the site- My Ledbury has been a great success; delivering targeted, relevant content to account and subscription holders. 


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