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Business Monitor International

Business Monitor International (BMI) is a world leading print and online publisher of specialist business information on global emerging markets.

Business Monitor International provides information to businesses regarding; political risk, finance, macroeconomics, forecasting, industry sectors and business operating environment.

This information is distributed via the website as well as premium daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly subscribed newsletters.

The Brief

  • Implement a trial and subscription management system which can integrate with the existing offline subscription system.
  • Introduce flexible content delivery channels with a simple authoring and editing designed for non-technical users over a range of micro-sites
  • Enable creation and configuration of free & paid trials to BMI publications, including online, offline and combination trials and subscriptions avoid cannibalisation of existing subscribers.
  • Multiple themes to categorise contextually relevant content Protect BMI's high value content using access rules and offer a blacklisting function Search Engine Optimisation to drive site traffic and increase trials & subscriptions.

The Byte9 Solution

Content Management

Using the Blaze content management system, Byte9 designed, developed and simultaneously deployed ten new websites each with individually created micro-sites to represent different regional or industry publications.

This content management system has been designed with a powerful integrated trial and subscription system, designed for non technical users.

This unique system permitted merging of information between the micro- or sub-sites allowing multiple publication subscriptions and trials to occur simultaneously under one username.

Optimised Marketing and User Tracking

Due to improved access to trialist and subscriber data, marketing teams have generated target lists facilitating access to BMI's target market for additional promotions.

Design is consistent with existing branding. Website designed to generate scenario which increases trialist and subscriber sign-up and helps drive awareness of supporting promotions.

The Result

The Blaze CMS multi-site solution for BMI has successfully created ten new sites under the existing BMI umbrella site. The newly created websites have in built micro-sites which currently accommodate 37 different publications with a view for expansion.

The solution was awarded the 2007 SIPA award for best use of web technology.

As a result of Byte9's approachable consultancy and successful integration and synchronisation of all ten new sites, the trial and subscription number have increased considerably since implementation.

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